Live from the Mural Wall

Members of Arts for Action are painting a mural in South Oxnard.  The mural is inspired by the life stories of 150 community members that were united for a weekend cultural event.

Join us for a BBQ every Wednesday in May and June at the mural wall (Rodeo Community Center, 451 West Hueneme Road in Oxnard).  Bring by something to grill, hang out, eat, check out the mural, play some handball, and contribute your creativity to the mural effort.

If you can’t make it out, don’t worry, we’ll be posting pictures of the mural project live on our website.

To contribute to Arts for Action and the Paint Not Prison mural program, visit our donation page.

victor grinding

Grinding down the old wall's steco took three days of hard work.

brush strokes

Priming the wall...


Still priming...

judy priming

One last coat...


Working on the sketch.

tomas meassure

Tomas locking down the dimensions.


Johny, Dina, Victor and Irvin all work on sketching the crowd.


The grid technique made transfering the image from the paper to the wall much easier.


Judith had a pretty good time.


Community Mural Event – A Success!


Article in Ventura Star May 4th

On Sunday May 3rd Arts 4 Action hosted a community mural  meeting.  After three weeks of intense outreach, over one hundred (100) Oxnard community members attended the two hour long meeting.  During the meeting positive and negative memories of Oxnard were shared in break out groups, followed by reports and details.  A Special Thanks to all who attended and those donated.  If interested in helping us paint the mural contact us.  Keep your eyes open for a mural coming soon!