Black Book Sessions.

black book session

Announcing Arts for Action’s first Black Book Session.

painters, cartoonists, graph-artists, illustrators, graphic-designers, stencilists, amateurs, and professionals…

… draw, share, inspire, create – REVOLUTIONARY ART.

Sunday, March 16th – 5pm.
4225 Saviers Road.
Oxnard, CA 93033


Arts for Action Bennefit Party


Bennefit Party Flier (pdf)

Arts for Action is throwing a benefit party to raise money for our upcoming Youth Encuentro – scheduled for Saturday May 24th.

Saturday, April 12 – 9pm.
4920 Halsey Way
Oxnard, CA 93033

The Youth Encuentro is an opportunity for collective introspection – for our community to learn more about itself, its history, its present condition, its challenges, and its dreams. The Youth Encuentro is also an opportunity for praxis – a space and a moment to unite knowledge with action for liberation. The Encuentro will include workshops, a community forum and a live concert.

A Walk for Justice

walk for justice

By Joseph Cortez


The first Walk for Justice was held on March 31, 2006. During this time was when all the walkouts were happening all over California to protest the immigration bill, HR 4437. Local youth in Oxnard formed an organization, SOMOS RAZA, which was a project of Union Del Barrio, to organize and aware the youth of what is happening around the country that affects us and our family. Walkouts were happening everyday, which led to having a meeting at a local café, Tonalli, which has been closed down now. The meeting was to discuss a more organized approach on this HR 4437 bill. They decided to organize an after school march from the high schools to the Plaza Park in downtown Oxnard.


The students themselves wrote a Press Release and informed local newspapers, radio and TV News Stations. Somos Raza also received help from better known Organizations. Flyers were created and passed out at the local high schools and Ma and Pa businesses. With only 3 days to organize, the youth worked hard and accomplished their set goals.


After the school bells rang the students met in front of their high schools and marched to the plaza park. Every school marched and met, including Rio Mesa. After all schools arrived the students proceeded to have a Rally with selected student and teacher speakers. Once the speakers ended, The youth marched around the park a few times chanting then marched to the Café On A where there was an Open Mic held with Poetry, Music and more speeches. Everybody was united, meeting new people, and listening to their stories. History was made.


Due to the success of the Walk for Justice, Somos Raza continued to have a March once a year on the last Friday of the month of March. The 2nd Annual Walk for Justice landed on March 30th, 2007. The selected theme was Immigration, Education, and Anti-War. This event was also a success. The 2006 walk for justice was around the walkouts so it did have more people than 2007, but there were still many people. Hueneme High School (HHS) must get a round of applause. HHS was let out at Noon and marched for about 5 hours before reaching the Plaza Park. Somos Raza closed the night with another annual Walk for Justice Open Mic, which had a Live DJ, Bands and Poets.


So it is that time again and Somos Raza does plan to have the 3rd Annual Walk for Justice. They are currently organizing it and getting outreach. Somos Raza invites you to join them for the Walk for Justice on March 28, 2008. The topics that will be marched for and discussed will be WAR: Anti-Globalization, Neo-liberalism, and the working class pride. The March will start when each of the High School bells ring. The rally will start possibly at 4:30. Also we invite you to join us at the Open Mic at the Café on A, following the March and Rally. The Café on A is located in back of the Plaza Cinemas on A Street. ORGANIZE and PARTICIPATE!