Community Mural Event in South Oxnard

On Sunday, May 3rd, at 4pm Arts for Action will host a community gathering to explore ideas for a new mural that will be painted in South Oxnard. Come share your vision for a more colorful Oxnard and enjoy free food and music. This community event will take place at the Rodeo Community Center, located at 451 West Hueneme Road in Oxnard.

Recent studies have shown that community based murals help to reduce crime, violence and urban blight. Community murals also promote pride in the community, especially when residents have an active role in determining the images that are displayed on their walls. Come support this group of young people in their effort to beautify the community and offer your vision for a stronger, healthier and more beautiful South Oxnard.

Download this PDF file of a double sided flier in Spanish and English.


This new mural is a project of Arts for Action's Paint Not Prison program


Arts for Action visits SPARC

Arts for Action staff, volunteers and youth members visit with renowned muralist Judy Baca

Arts for Action staff, volunteers and youth members visit with renowned muralist Judy Baca.

Last month, a group of Arts for Action members caravaned to Venice beach in Los Angeles to visit SPARC (the Social and Public Art Resource Center).  SPARC is an arts center that produces, preserves and conducts educational programs about community based public art works.

SPARC Executive Director Debra Padilla guided us through the gallery and workshop, summarizing SPARC’s 30 year history of community mural production.

We were especially inspired by SPARC’s location, an old jail house that has been converted into a beautiful and productive center for art and education.  This facility has been secured by a 55 year lease with the City of Los Angeles, with rent stabilized at $1 per year.  SPARC’s partnership with the City of Los Angeles gave our group hope that Oxnard Mayor Tom Holden will follow through with his suggestion to offer Arts for Action a vacant city building of our own.

Toward the end of the tour, we met with SPARC founder and renowned muralist Judy Baca, who counseled us on the process of creating public art that engages and empowers communities.  As we were leaving, Judy welcomed another group that she was meeting with, a network of accomplished graffiti artists including Chaz Bojorquez, Man One and Nuke.  An alliance between muralists and graffiti artists is forming in Los Angeles in order to resolve issues such as the destruction of historic Los Angeles murals and the need for more legal creative outlets for young graffiti artists.