Arts for Action firmly believes in the value of investing in long term assets and materials to aid in the development of skills, promotions, and expression especially for youth and grassroots organizations.  Over the years of our organization we have purchased valuable materials which allow for the production of videos, community, and performance arts events.  These include:

  • PA System (including microphones, stands, speakers, mixer
  • High End Video Camera
  • Video Editing Equipment and Software
  • Photoshop and other software
  • PDP Percussion instruments (including congas, snares, surdos)

Regular participants in our programming get regular access, and exposure to these materials to be used for professional development and marketable skills in their future.

Other organizations, individuals, bands, business, etc. are also encouraged to give donations and/or trade resources for the use of Arts for Action’s equipment, and/or Arts for Action’s support in Sound Engineering, Video Production, Graphic Design, and Music Production.

For use of equipment, training on equipment, or other inquiries please contact arts4action@gmail.com or call (805)486-ARTS

Donate to Arts for Action here, in order to support A4A in purchasing cutting edge and up to date Equipment!


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