Who We Are

Arts For Action is a YOUTH-LED, YOUTH-FOCUSED group which uses arts to express justice and peace. We believe in better schools not jails, books not bars and food not bombs. Creating musica, hip hop, graf writing, danza, photos and film is our everyday reality. “Not Reality TV.”

Arts For Action is a collective. We strive to re-define the terms of our labor by choosing to work in collaboration. No bosses. No masters. No supervisors. Everyone leads.

We are individuals, students, workers, artists, educators, organizers, musicians, poets, street vendors, gardeners, journalists, documentarians… We are a multitude working in community.

Our word is our weapon, and so is our paint brush, our microphone, our camera, our pen, pencil, pad, marker, stencil… imagination.

Today we will use our art as a hammer to mold and shape a new tomorrow.a4a poster