Paint not Prison Mural Program 2010…Live from the Wall in Oxnard

Paint Not Prison is a community organizing and beautification project which engages local youth, mentors and artists including some youth on probation for graffiti offenses. The culmination of the project is a mural production or public art piece, in which community input drives the imagery and message of the mural.

One-Hundred and Sixty-Two (162) complete hours of community service for youth on probation.

Community Service Hours completed for youth not on Probation: three hundred and twenty (320) hours overall, including eighty (80) hours for youth on academic probation.

Four-Hundred (482) total hours of community service for all youth.

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Arts for Action is Honored to win the Earth Charter Award from the Citizens for a Peaceful Resolution

Earth Charter awards given

By Anne Kallas
Published Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ventura activist and physician Bob Dodge said that giving out awards annually to people in Ventura County in recognition of various humanitarian efforts is a way to build and strengthen the community.

Seven awards were given Saturday afternoon at Ventura College at the Earth Charter Summit Celebration and Annual Awards Presentation, which was coordinated by Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions.

“This fits in with our mission to build a sustainable community to deal with the issues of our time,” said Dodge, who is CPR co-chairman. “This is what it’s about. It’s the fabric that creates the quilt.”

The awards have been given out annually in Ventura since 2004 as part of the annual celebration of the Earth Charter, U.N.-commissioned declaration of principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society for the 21st century.

The awards were given to various local activists who have been selected as embodying the principles of the charter.

The following awards were given:

Social and Economic Justice (Richard Weinstock Memorial Award), Barbara Macri-Ortiz, social justice and civil rights attorney; Ecological Integrity Community Supported Agriculture, seven CSAs of Ventura County; Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace, Cindy Piester, peace activist; Respect and Care for the Community of Life, Juana Tapia, activist for immigration rights and the “Dream Act”; Earth Charter and the Arts, Victor Aguilar, Tomás Hernández and Michael Schuman, artists and community organizers of Arts for Action; Youth Education and Outreach, Lisa Hildebrand, director of education, and Mary Galvin, director of operations, at the Ventura Charter School of Arts and Global Education; Youth Activism, Aaron Bergh, student organizer for Spartans for Peace at Rio Mesa High School.

The awards program was sponsored in part by the Ventura College International Studies Program, which is headed by Farzeen Nasri, professor of political science and economics at Ventura College and UC Santa Barbara.

He exhorted the crowd of more than 120 to take responsibility for the world around them. “Ignorance of existing problems will not lead to their elimination,” Nasri said. “A largely informed citizenry is necessary.”

Among the award recipients was a lawyer who worked out of her bedroom to get justice for her low-income clients when her legal aid job was terminated because of lack of funding. “Listening to Dr. Nasri, you can get a little nauseous about the horrendous things happening in the world,” Macri-Ortiz said. “You can only do something every day to represent people who are invisible and disrespected.”

Six Ventura farms that offer community supported agriculture programs were also honored: Mano Farms of Ojai, Underwood Family Farms of Somis, Join the Farm of Oxnard, McGrath Family Farms of Camarillo, Farmer & the Cook of Ojai and Avogadro’s Farm of Ojai.

“The whole organization of farming is changing. It really is,” said Phil McGrath of McGrath Family Farms, “and I love being part of the change.”

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